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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sherbrooke Forest - Hardy Gully Walk

On Monday afternoon, the Labour Day holiday in Victoria, I went up to the Sherbrooke Forest, 30 km east of Melbourne town. I parked at Grant's Picnic Ground, then proceeded on the Hardy Gully Track, reaching Neumann's Track.

I continued up the steep hill to the site of the former farm, next to Wallaby Paddock, reaching the junction with Paddy Track, which leads to Jack the Miner.
There is an increase in altitude from 350 m to 405 m on this track!

Huge black clouds formed overhead - lightning snd thunder - it started to rain - the heavens opened - I returned along Neumann's Track and Lyrebird Track which had turned into rivers of water and mud! I got soaked, dressed in a T-shirt, light track pants, and my Hawthorn Football Club spray jacket!

Got back to the Picnic Ground, still raining, to find the usual assemblage of cockatoos, parrots and galahs having their afternoon tea!

All this was about 4 km in total.

See all of the Photos of this trip!

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