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Monday, December 18, 2017

Myrtleford - Reform Hill

These photos show the scenery and environment from the Reforn Hill Lookout, on December 15, 2017. The Lookout is reached either from the main walking trail on the Great Alpine Rd in Mytleford, or by road,  This is quaintly named "Scenic Rd". They should rename it "Lookout Rd". There are no buses to the Lookout!

As we had previously done the walking route on two earlier trips, this time we went by road! Part of the road route is quite steep, rough, dusty, stony and twisty. They should set up winches. Or have a horse and buggy. Or build a  chairlift, a zipline network, or a rack railway.
The actual lookout platform is a ten-minute walk up from the car park, with some steps near  the top, where nice views appear across the Alps and over Mytleford They should construct a telescope there. Or advise visitors to bring their own. A stone cairn shows directions and distances to various remote mountains, some obscured by nearby trees. There are two wooden seats at the lookout, seemingly from the Goldrush era. They are full of spiders and ants - local students could be employed to do a stain and varnish job, including the inhabitants.

A geodetic marker is nearby.  It  could do with a clean and polish. Or put some advertising on it. There is also an Info Board at the car park. The info on it seems to have been produced in the 19 century. Somebody needs to attend to that. A large colored sign says "Reform Hill" but is partly hidden by a tree. Relocate the sign, or tree, or both. Reform needed!

Next go the geodetic marker, a sign says "Revegetation Area". Seems odd, as it is on bare earth, nothing to revegetate there. Students could b organized to xdo some plantings.
The signpost on the Scenic Road is badly positioned and needs painting. It's at the junction of two tracks. We took the wrong track and ended up in nowhere land next to old pine plantations - we were not really equipped for cutting down pine trees for Christmas . They should have a Christmas Tree stall up there. Proceeds to go to the Knuckleheads Progress Association.

Our Subaru Forester All Wheel Drive became heavier on the way down due to the weight of the dust collected. Many tonnes.  The Shire should get a water tanker to remove the dust. Or put a tap at the summit.


1 comment:

  1. Wow Bob, what an amazing set of photos here and what a great place to visit, amazing views and forested areas with the Victorian Alps in the background! Beautiful weather also but it looks a little dry and hot! Looks like you had a great time and it sure looks a little steep in places! Thanks for sharing and best regards! Michael