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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve - walk into History

The Cairn

I visited the Reserve on February 14, 2017, on a 3 km "research hike." 

The Reserve is a 499-ha park managed by Parks Victoria and includes areas of significant indigenous flora.

The Cairn

The site was used as a native Police Headquarters and an Aboriginal Protectorate Station from 1837 to 1853, and subsequently used as the Victoria Police Stud Depot from 1853 to 1931. Since then it has been used as a public purposes reserve for, among other things, grazing, a military camp and recreation.

The Cairn

The site was also home to the 7th Australian Scouts Jamboree in 1964-65; ownership was transferred to Parks Victoria following the Jamboree,  and the roadways built for that event are now shared walking trails through bushland and grassland.  

 Rusting fence in front of mound - building foundations are believed to lie beneath

In 1972 a Commemorative Plaque was erected by local Councils at the former site. This is rarely visited, situated on a hill in the central grassland area and reached by foot from the end of Frankston Drive (a gated roadway built for the Jamboree, from Churchill Park Drive).  The Plaque may also by accessed from a gated fire management track starting at Brady Rd, next to  the Dandenong Creek.
Walking route to the Cairn
Notice at entrance gate on Frankston Drive
Frankston Drive
On Frankston Drive
Site of Jamboree Chief Commissioners' Headquarters, Franston Drive
Looking towards Historic Area from Frankston Drive
Vehicle turning circle at end of Frankston Drive
Vandalised notice board at Historic Area Lookout
Looking north from Historic Lookout
Info on top of Cairn

Track to Cairn

Historic Site showing area of Periwinkle

Cairn Track towards Brady Rd

Looking towards site of Jamboree Main Arena from Historic Area

The Cairn
Cairn Track to Brady Rd
Green tree in grassland!
Yellow flowering Wattle in grassland
Vehicle turning circle at end of Frankston Drive
Frankston Drive
Walking track to Brady Rd from Frankston Drive

On Frankston Drive
At the Historic Site

1 comment:

  1. Howdy Bob, this is a different and very interesting historic area, it is looking really good also, wonderful clear photos this time too, thanks for sharing and best regards! Michael