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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Beaconsfield Flora and Fauna Reserve

The Beaconsfield Flora and Fauna Reserve (BFFR) is located on Emerald Road in Beaconsfield, 45 km east of Melbourne.

It covers around 38 hectares (93 acres) and is linear in shape, running along the Cardinia Creek for 1.6km.

The reserve contains riparian (meaning streamside) vegetation. It is a remnant of what occurred along the creek prior to settlement by Europeans. It is an important area for conservation, as well as for recreational activities such as walking, bikeriding and birdwatching.

BFFR is important for the conservation of indigenous (meaning local) plants and animals. Many of the plants and vegetation communities are of regional or state significance, being rare in our region or in Victoria. Some rare and endangered native animals also call the reserve home.

I visited this nice Reserve on September 7, 2007, and completed the two main tracks - about 4 km.

For details about the Reserve, please visit:

My photos of the visit are at:

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