Banyule Swamp Nov 2013

Banyule Swamp Nov 2013
View from the Horn, Mt Buffalo, December 2013

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One of my personal objectives is to convince Australia's millions of TV addicted couch potatoes to make the switch and convert to bush potatoes! In other words, get out there and see the REAL Australia. Go bushwalking - by yourself or with someone! If you never never go, you'll never never know...!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Deep Rock - Yarra Bend Park

These pix were taken on a 4 km hike to Deep Rock, in the Yarra Bend Park, on Easter Sunday, April 30, 2014.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pix of April 15 2014.

This was a 2 km coastal hike, many interesting things on the beach, and hang gliders flying through the air from the cliff top!

Sorry about the seal.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Galatea Point - Yarra Bend Park

Pix of April 14 2014.

This was a 2.69 km hike in the Yarra Bend Park, Kew. The route had a total ascent of 5.0 m and has a maximum elevation of 43.0 m.

Home Base was the Studley Boatshed Picnic Ground, reached from the Yarra Boulevard.

Then, a walking track to the top of the cliff, on to the Boulevard, and down the Galatea Point Track. This is quite steep in parts, with magnificent views across the Park. Galatea Point is a peninsula, around which the Yarra meanders, and is mainly remnant bushland. The Track splits into a loop at the foot of the steep section, alongside a low protective fence, which is intended to dissuade vjsitors from encroaching into the preserved bushland area.

Back at the top, the Boulevard was followed on foot (closed to public vehicle traffic by a gate!) for about 200 m, yielding beautiful panoramas across the Yarra and Park, with the Macedon Ranges in the distance. Dights Falls is nearby.

Then back to Home Base - Kane's Bridge provided nice views along the river - many ducks and water birds outside the Boatshed Cafe, and plenty of canoeing action!

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