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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Olinda Forest in early spring

I visited the Olinda Forest and Woolrich Lookout on September 12, 2009, 35 km east of the Melbourne CBD.

Starting at and returning to the locked gate on Silvan Rd, I went along Price's Track and then into Bridge Track, descending to the bridge across the Lyrebird Creek.

The Lyrebird Track, leading off Bridge Track, is now impassable, due to to overgrown vegetation, fallen trees, and branches, and is no longer maintained.

Bridge Track is no longer signposted and care is needed, due to large fallen trees.

After the hike of about 3 km, I drove up to the Woolrich Lookout, at the top of Silvan Rd, adjacent to the Olinda Arboretum. There were some excellent views across the Upper Yarra Valley towards the Yarra Ranges.

My "candid camera" took some shots of other visitors having a good time near the Lookout!

The day was hot and humid, with a top of 30 degrees, the highest early-September temperature ever recorded for Melbourne!

See the full set of Photos of my visit, which include some historical images of the Victorian Railways Steambus of year 1905, which was a popular mode of transport to the hills in that era!

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