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Friday, October 14, 2011

Exploring the Olinda Creek Region - a new track discovered!

These pix were taken on October 13, 2011, in the Dandenong Ranges National Park, 40 km east of Melbourne.

They show the scenery, fauna, and environment on a 4 km hike in the Olinda Creek Region.

My route started at the gate on Management Road 11, on the Olinda Creek Rd. I followed this Road, crossing the Olinda Creek, passing the derelict farmhouse owned by Parks Vic, then up the steep hill at the back of the former orchard.

This was a 130 m change in altitude.

Returning to the bottom, I took a side track north into the forest, crossing a quaint, rustic, footbridge over the Creek, then continuing on to a different creek, which does not appear to have a name! At this creek, which joined the Olinda Creek nearby, the track continued over a further crossing (boards) which I didn't explore and will keep that until a later exepdition!

Next to the creek, some enterprising souls had set up a picnic area, with a wooden table, seats, and an old gas-operated barbecue. This was next to a modern small water tank, which I believe may be used for fire control purposes.

Near the little bridge, a secondary track went westerly, adjacent to the no-name creek, in a large cleared paddock.

Decades ago, the Olinda Creek was diverted near the old farmhouse, leading to Stewart's Weir and Emergency Pumping Station on Olinda Creek Rd. The diversion runs through a brck-walled channel - the old creekline can be seen nearby.

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1 comment:

  1. Renee6:33 PM

    We did this walk today with the kids. I saw another post of yours and it said it was track 19, it is actually track 19.

    Its pretty overgrown (and leeches) and the potato shed seems to be pulled down and left to one side (seems recent as a lot has been cleared around there).

    Saw the old house (which now has tape around it asking you to stay clear) and got spooked up there as we heard a LARGE noise in the bush like a LARGE animal running towards us so headed back. Som was complaining of leeches... and hte path was overgrown. Heard the noise again on the side of us and did not want to hang around to check out the other path... did not want to come face to face iwth a madman, bunyip or yeti... lol but kids enjoyed it.