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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I am pleased to advise that my Autobiography has now been published, as an
internet-based work, titled:


I am inviting you to view this work, at this Web address:

My Autobiography is a Journey, spanning seven decades, in words, pictures
and sound, looking at the most important events and experiences of the
greater part of my life, surrounding my interests and activities, much of it
linked to my involvement in electronics, radio technology, the cinema,
photography, bushwalking, travelling, Australian Rules Football, swimming,
and astronomy.

A significant component of this concerns my continuing involvement in the
monitoring of international shortwave broadcasting and research into high
frequency long distance radio propagation, and antenna design.

My Journey begins in the days of crystal sets and spark radios, and I will
lead you through the succeeding years with articles, stories, images, and
anecdotes about my hobby experiences in electronics and radio
communications, which ultimately paved the way for my full-time employment
as a Technician, and later a Professional Engineer, in the Postmaster's
General Department (now Telstra).

After 41 years with the Company, I left Telstra in 1997, having reached the
ranks of senior engineering management, and since then I have provided
expert professional advice and consultancy in the field of international
broadcast engineering.

I am a Chartered Professional Engineer, and a Life Member of the Institution
of Engineers Australia.

There are 67 Chapters in this work, arranged in chronological order of the
year in which the interest or activity commenced, some of which span many
decades. There are several SPECIAL FEATURES included, and over 1000 images.
Links to sound files are also included.

This work is intended principally for my family, friends, past and present
business associates, colleagues in the broadcasting engineering industry,
college alumni members, and the many people with whom I am in frequent
contact across the Internet.

Most of the activities and events described took place in Greater Melbourne!

I look forward to your comments and reactions, which should be posted in the
"Feedback" box on the Home Page of the Website. Alternatively, you may reach
me via Email - there's a link at the bottom of each Chapter of the work.

Good luck with your exploration of my work - I am sure that you will find
many things of interest in it!

Best wishes for the Festive Season from Melbourne, one of the great cities
of the modern world.

Robert V. J. Padula, OAM (Bob)

December 13, 2011

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