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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Exploring Banksia Park - Bulleen

I visited the beautiful Banksia Park, Bulleen, on October 7, 2012, 15 km east of central Melbourne, on a 4 km hike around the various Trails.

As one of the major recreation areas situated on the Yarra River, Banksia Park covers 23 hectares of gently undulating open space, including a significant ephemeral wetland area.

In 1841 a punt service was established across the river at Banksia Park forming a key crossing point for the area that encouraged the clearing and development of the surrounding land. The first bridge was built in 1960.

Banksia Park, like most of the Lower Yarra area is classified as ‘Riparian Floodplain Woodland’ featuring River Red Gum and wetlands.

The majority of the vegetation was removed in the 1800s but remnants can be found along the riverbank. As a result of the land clearing, most of the major populations of animals have also disappeared. A couple of wombats have since taken up residence within Banksia Park. The wetland also provides habitat for a number of frogs, insects and birds.

A Japanese Cherry Grove was established in the park after the Prime Minister of Japan gifted the trees to the Victorian government.

Interesting information boards along the main trails describe the history, fauna and flora of the Park.

Enjoy your picnic and tour! If you feel so inclined, go by bike or your skateboard!

A large section of the Park is a fenced enclosure for hounds without leashes!

Click here to see a Slideshow of all of the Photos of my visit!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of Banksia park.I have also heard about some other places near Melbourne such as Mornington peninsula, Bellarine peninsula, Phillip Island, Geelong and so on.