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Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Doncaster Tram - 1889 to 1896,

Did some research in to the former Doncaster Tram, which ran from 1889 to 1896, from Whitehorse Rd (Box Hill) to Doncaster Rd (Doncaster). The route was about 4 km long.
The Tram
At the terminus there was a huge Tower on top of Doncaster Hill, built in 1882, sited opposite present-day Westfield Doncaster Shoppingtown.
Koonung Creek c1907
It cost 1/6 for the return trip, which included the train from Flinders St. The tram segment cost 6d.
Star Hotel, Doncaster and the Victorian Railways Kew Bus, 1886
Koonung Creek in Tram Rd Reserve Feb 1 2013
The hilly route through private property followed what is now Station Street and Tram Road; the line between Koonung Creek and Doncaster was particularly steep and winding.The tram ran through paddocks and farms, crossing the Koonung Creek (which I explored yesterday). In those days, there was no vehicle road from Box Hill to Doncaster – no vehicles then!
The route from the end of Station St became the Koonung Creek Rd, later renamed Tram Rd, which survives to the present.
The debate about building a tramway or light rail service to Doncaster from the city rages unabated!
The full story about the Tram is at

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