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Monday, May 04, 2015

Exploring the Banyule Billabongs on May 3 2015

Signage next to the main billabong on the access track
These pix show the (now dry!) Banyule Billabongs, within the Banyule Flats Reserve, part of the Yarra Parklands.

The main (large) Billabong is fenced,overgrown with weeds, invasive vegetation, and trees. Access is via a foot track through a gate opposite the Banyule Swamp. This allows exploration of the area - the embankment can be followed for most of the circumferance.

In  the agricultural era, it was a watering place for grazing cattle. An old "Southern Cross" windmill is located next to the Yarra, which was originally used to pump water to the Billabongs.

The smaller unfenced billabong is nearby.

My visit was a 2 km hike on May 3, 2015. 

The embankment
The bottom ol f the main billabong

The smaller billabong

The old viewing area
Map of route

The fence
Gate on the fence - billabong at rear
Banyule Swamp
Track to the billabongs
The small billabong
Gate to the main billabong enclosure
At the old observation platform

1 comment:

  1. Howdy Bob, not much water in those billabongs but the swamp is looking good but even the Yarra is a little low in level at the moment, nice looking area for a pleasure stroll and thanks for sharing! Best regards! Michael