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Monday, June 16, 2008

Tanglefoot Walking Track, Quarry Road North Sector, Toolangi State Forest

The Tanglefoot Walking Track is an 18 km route in the Toolangi State Forest, 60 km north of Melbourne.

It consists of four sections - Myrtle Gully Track, Quarry Rd, and the new Tanglefoot Track.

Some parts follow old forest/logging roads, and snowfalls can occur in winter.

Quarry Rd is a gated 5 km 4WD track, following the Sylvia Creek Gully from Monda Rd in the south to the old quarry at the Wirrawilla Rainforest Reserve in the north.

This road passes beautiful ferns, and through Mountain Ash forests, mainly regrowth from the 1939 fires. Stumps from logging of the early 1900s may be seen along the road.

The surface of Quarry Rd is formed of material extracted from the Quarry, and is still in reasonable condition. It is maintained by DSE as a fire-management track.

I met a group of cyclists on this road, who were embarrassed when I said that bikes, and horses, are specifically forbidden on all sections of the Tanglefoot Walking Track. It is a walking track - not a bike trail!

I walked the 5 km (return) northern section of Quarry Rd on June 15, 2008, to the accompaniment of the calls of Black Cockatoos and Whipbirds.

I started and finished my hike at the Wirrawilla Rainforest Reserve, at the junction of Sylvia Creek Rd.

I have now completed 15 km of the circuit - actually 30 km return! Only 3 km to finish it off!

See the full set of Photos

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