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Monday, June 15, 2009

Koornong Gorge Hike, Warrandyte State Park

The Koornong Section of the Warrandyte State Park is a 10 ha area of preserved bushland, adjacent to the Yarra River, in a former logging region, about 25 km east of the Melbourne CBD.

A special free school operated in the area between 1939 and 1948, and the land was originally owned by the Frencham Family.

I visited Koornong on Friday afternoon June 12, 2009, for a 4 km hike.

My walk started at a gated fire management track off a small car park at Koornong Crescent - there is a swimming area here and a canoe launching beach.

I followed the fire track along the cliff top, overlooking the gorge, until it made a sharp left hand turn. At this point, an unsigned foot-track was followed for about 100 m to a view point overlooking the river, at the confluence of the Pigeon Bank Creek.

Directly opposite is Blue Tongue Point - the Yarra here is known as Blue Tongue Bend, as it makes a big sweeping turn.

Returning uphill to the point where the fire track made its turn, I followed the unsigned Pigeon Bank Creek Track down through bushland. The track divided a short way along, the right hand branch descended over steps to the remains of the old weir over the Creek, then over a rickety footbridge. This track follows the eastern flank of the Gully and ultimately reaches sealed Menzies Rd.

I back-tracked to the junction and continued along the left branch, which is on the western flank of the Gully, eventually reaching a boardwalk and Pigeon Bank Rd.

This was my turnaround point.

There were excellent views of the Yarra from the cliff top - on the opposite bank could be seen the main walking track leading to Blue Tongue Point, which starts at the Jumping Creek Reserve.

See the full set of
Photos of my visit!

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