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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Melbourne's Outer Circle Railway - 1872 to 2014

The Deepdene Dasher at Ashburton, c1900
I am pleased to advise that my latest free, on-line Pictorial Heritage Research dissertation has now been published.
At Deepdene Station 1905
Titled “Melbourne’s Outer Circle Railway 1872 to 2014”, it describes the financing, planning, design, construction, commissioning, operations , maintenance, and infrastructure of this steam era railway It was an 18 km line linking Oakleigh and Fairfield. opening in 1890 and closing in 1895. Community agitation brought about the reopening of part of the line in 1900, and was eventually abandoned in 1943.
The project contains 36 Chapters, as text and graphics,  including photographs, maps, etchings, engravings, line drawings, and  paintings. Each station is described in detail, with platform diagrams, signalling arrangements, track/passing layouts, sidings, overhead road bridges, and recent photos of the sites of the original stations.
There were ten bridges and 13 level crossings
A special Chapter describes the popular Outer Circle Anniversary Rail trail, which follows  the alignment of most of the original route.
Sketches of construction activity, 1890
Many of the contemporary images in the project were taken along the Railtrail during 2014.
The project may be viewed at

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