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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Exploring Lilydale Lake and Wetland

These pix were taken on Friday afternoon February 3, 2012 2011.

They show the scenery, fauna, flora and environment at the Lilydale Lake and Wetland, 40 km east of central Melbourne, on a 4 km hike around the Lake and Wetland.

Additions have been made to the Wetland viewing area, which is adjacent to the Lake, with new boardwalks, observation decks, walking tracks, and information booths having been built.

Lilydale Lake, a man-made lake and wetland area, opened to the public in July 1990. Since then, it's become a favourite place for locals to meet for a walk, a chat or a picnic.

Sprawling over 80 hectares, the park, which includes the lake, playground and recreational space, is huge. Visit on any weekday and you'll find mothers strolling around the lake's perimeter with their little ones, joggers and runners keeping fit, hounds, and fisher-men and women kicking back by the water's edge.

There is a huge variety of birds, and 10 km of walking trails to enjoy!

See all of the Photos of my visit, and check out my YouTube video!

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