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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stevenson Falls - Marysville

These pix were taken on March 20, 2012.

They show the scenery and environment in the Stevenson Falls Reserve, 3 km past the township of Marysville, 90 km east of Melbourne.

Stevenson Falls is currently open seven days a week. Many State forest recreation sites and tracks around Marysville were destroyed in the February 2009 bushfires.

Fire is a natural part of the Australian landscape and most of the plant species around Marysville are adapted to fire and are regenerating well. While the impacts of the fire will continue to be visible for years to come, the forest is an interesting place to visit as it moves through stages of recovery after an extreme event.

Over the next few years additional tracks will be re-opened to allow visitors to enjoy all that Marysville State forest has to offer. Works on the remaining track network are progressing well. The replacement of major assets like bridges and viewing platforms will occur over the next few years.

Extensive work has been done in rebuilding the Stevenson Falls and adjacent tracks. The Falls Track starts at the car park and observation deck, and is a gentle gradient formed pathway for walkers and cyclists,leading to viewing platforms at the base of the Falls.

Stevenson Falls are one of the tallest in Victoria, with five cascades, a total descent of 122 metres, the last having a clear drop of more than 21 metres.

The Stevenson Falls are definitely Marysville's main claim to tourism fame and have been since European arrival in Marysville.

Residents cut a track to the falls in 1866. Since then the natural environs of the Falls and their approach have not altered dramatically.

The falls and the river were named after John Stevenson who first visited the site of what is now Marysville in 1862. He was carrying out a survey of the area to try to find a new alignment for the road to the gold fields at Woods Point.

The 190 ha. Stevenson Falls Scenic Reserve was proclaimed in 1959 to protect the falls and their surroundings.

Stevenson Falls is 350 meters from the car park and is flood lit from dusk until 11.00 pm.

Walks commencing at the falls reserve are - Keppel Walking track - De la Rue lookout, a 1 km walk - Oxlee lookout a 1.5 km walk and Keppel lookout a 4.00 km walk. Another walk goes to the top of the falls, very steep, and takes 40 minutes.

A new 4 km walk has been opened, known as the Tree Fern Trail, linking the carpark with Gallipoli Park, Marysville.

See the complete set of Photos of my visit, and check out my YouTube Video!

1 comment:

  1. Fran Dishon12:20 PM

    Interesting to see your photo's post the fires looks like the area is coming back to life and its beautiful self. I think I will be putting this place on my list for a family day trip, picnic and walk.