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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Warburton Steam Railway - 1909 to 1949

Old alignment and embankment, next to caravan park
Trail crosses Creek
The train, in 1911
Yarra, from the Trail

 The 3'6" Warburton Steam Railway operated from 1909 to 1949, and transported timber, goods, and passengers between the La La Sidings and the Big Pat's Creek terminus.

Its 6 km route was adjacent to what is now the Warburton Highway, then behind the present-day Sanitarium Factory, across the Yarra Bridge, through the present-day Caravan Park, and along the river bank.

It then crossed the Woods Point Rd, and continued to a further bridge on the Yarra, then swung southerly next to the Big Pats Creek Rd.

Some of the alignment is now a shared walking/cycling Trail,"The River Walk", alongside the Woods Point Rd, linking the eastern end of the caravan park with the East Warburton rest area.

The section of the railway between the entry point at the caravan park and the present-day Signs Bridge was actually on the edge of the Wood's Point Rd. The raised embankment of this section is just outside of the caravan park fence, and may be easily explored, but there is no trace of the original infrastructure remaining.

A small commemorative plaque is located at Big Pat's Creek settlement, next to the picnic ground, marking the centenary of the railway's first journey, 1909 to 2009.

See all of the Photos, taken on August 21 2012.

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