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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Maroondah Aqueduct - Kangaroo Ground

These pix were taken on December 17 2012.

They show the environment, scenery and features along the open-channel section of the disused Maroondah Aqueduct, in Kangaroo Ground, 30 km NE of Melbourne.

The Aqueduct was built in 1886 to carry water from the old Maroondah Weir to Melbourne. It consisted of open channel and underground pipe, passing through the Yarra Glen district, Christmas Hills, Kangaroo Ground, Research, Greensborough, then to Preston.

Most of the Aqueduct was decommissioned in 1980. The present-day 30 km Maroondah Aqueduct transfers up to 220 ML/d from Maroondah Reservoir to Yering Gorge. The Yering Gorge Pumping Station pumps water from the Yarra River and the Aqueduct, up through a rising main and tunnel into the Sugarloaf Reservoir.

The Maroondah Aqueduct Trail follows a 4 km open channel section of the former management track from Main Rd, Research to Allendale Rd, Eltham North.

Another open channel section, 2 km, starts at the end of Nicholas Lane, Kangaroo Ground, and the adjacent old management track may be walked. A small car-turning area is at the old bridge. The track is protected from public vehicle access by a locked gate, but walkers can pass through the fence.

There are nice views of the valley and the Yarra Ranges.

See all of the Photos of my visit!

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