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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Mont Albert District - a Pictorial History - 1830-2013”,

I am pleased to announce the release of ”The Mont Albert District - a
Pictorial History - 1830-2013”,  a free, on-line Pictorial Research
Project, in which I examine the history, development, and evolution of the
leafy, heritage suburb of Mont Albert, 12 km east of central Melbourne, from
its beginnings in 1830 until the present.
Much of the content has been derived from the author's first-hand knowledge
of Mont Albert,  which has been his home since 1959, supported by interviews
with long-time residents.
The present day suburb of Mont Albert did not really begin until the early
1890s - prior to then, it was part of Surrey Hills and Box Hill, and
relevant background information about those suburbs is included, as well as
content about adjoining present-day Mont Albert North.
The Project comprises 56 Chapters, with several hundred images
The Project started out as a private on-line Research Study into the history
of the author's home,"Hargicourt" in Mont Albert Rd, mainly to document
information which had been collected over many years, much of which was in
handwritten notes!
It was originally intended that distribution of this would be limited
privately to family members and close friends, but as the project evolved,
it became clear that it might be useful to make the results available to a
wider public readership via the Internet.
The Research has of course been facilitated by the ready availability
on-line of a vast amount of out-of-copyright photographs, sketches, maps,
plans, subdivision posters, drawings, and textual material from the National
Library of Australia and the State Library of Victoria. In particular, the
NLA's "Trove" website was a source of  an enormous  amount of archived
information, especially the  "Age" and "Box Hill Reporter" newspapers.
It should be noted that many present-day images and videos of the district
are included, examining the progression of many of the early events, locations,
organizations and activities, complementing the historical material
The research uncovered many historical gems, including the National Poultry
Farm (1920s) in Mont Albert Rd, very close to the author's present home, the
Black's Dairy (1920s) (Mont Albert Rd), the original planned location
(Elgar Rd) (1890s) of the Mont Albert Railway Station (eventually built
about 1 km to the west), and the route of the proposed Canterbury to
Doncaster Railway! (1880s).
There is even a chapter about the first Australian two-way shortwave broadcasts, which were from Mont Albert!
Please feel free to tell others about this Project!
The Project may be viewed at

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