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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lilydale-Warburton Rail Trail, Lilydale Diversion Section

Pix taken on September 14 2013.

This was a 2.5 km (return) hike along a section of the Lilydale-Warburton Rail Trail, exploring the Lilydale Deviation.

This started at the access point on Nelson Rd, then south alongside the Mount Lilydale College, to the bridge over the Maroondah Highway, and return.

Historical notes:

1. 1882 Lilydale line opened

2. 1901 Lilydale to Warburton line opened

3. 1965 Line closed

4. 1970s line dismantled

5. 1996 Work on Rail Trail started

6. 1998 Rail Trail opened between Maroondah Highway and Warburton (the section between Lilydale station and Maroondah Highway was not completed until 2011)

7. Anderson St passed over the railway on a wooden bridge, then rerouted. This bridge was retained as a heritage item and may be inspected, just outside the perimeter fence of the College

8. The line passed over Maroondah Highway on a bridge, which was taken down when the line closed in 1965

9. The line went through the land now occupied by the College, which is leased from the Govt - now used as the College's playing fields

10. The Diversion Section was the last to be completed, and starts at Nelson Rd and follows the perimeter fence of the College, joining the original embankment at the top of a steep gradient

11. The starting point of the Trail is at the end of Lilydale Station - the old Healesville line branches off about 400 m from the Station.

Click here to see a Slide Show of all of the Photos of my visit!

Below is a 3D Flyover of my hike!

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