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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Outer Circle Railway linear park (Boyd Park), Murrumbeena

These pix were taken on March 5 2014, on a 2 km hike through the Outer Circle Railway linear park, (known as Boyd Park) Murrumbeena.

The hike started at Dandenong Rd, then along the central trail, crossing Neerim Rd, and ending near Hughesdale station.

The trail followed the alignment of the former Outer Circle Railway, which operated from 1891. The line was closed to passenger traffic in 1898, but goods traffic continued until 1920.

No trace of the railway infrastructure remains on this Section of the line.



Features along the Trail include

* A map on the pathway showing directions for a walk, the Boyd Walking Tour, in the heritage neighbourhood

* A large colorful sign at the Neerim Rd crossing depicting the old train, and details of fauna and flora in Boyd Park

* An unusual Childrens' Playground, where kids may play Snakes and Ladders on a large colored area, with a giant stone snake and toadstools

* A commemorative plaque and sculpture by at the Neerim Rd crossing, unveiled in 1992, describing the area and its history, for the theme of "Open Country". The sculpture was created by Lenore Boyd, commemorating the vision of Merric Boyd, portraying early life in Murrumbeena.

* A large circular colored stone mosaic, built on-site in 1991, and information board, designed to represent the culture and traditions of the Koori peoples.

Click here to see all of the Photos of my visit!

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