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Monday, October 12, 2015

Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve - the Lookout and Historic Area

A 2 km hike on Oct 11,  2015.

Thoughtful souls haved placed nice folding chairs at the Lookout Site!

There are good views towards the Bay, the hills, and suburbia.

There are three ways to reach the site, from the -

  • gate at Churchill Park Drive  (next to the Waverley Golf Course) (shortest and flat)
  • Nerre Nerre Warren picnic ground (at the end of Brady Rd) (hilly)
  • Rowville Recreation Reserve (off Stud Rd) - an "unofficial" hilly track through grassland! Beware snakes!
Aboriginal people knew the location of Dandenong Police Paddocks as Nerre Nerre Warren.

The Port Phillip Aboriginal Protectorate Station was established to 'protect' Aboriginal people from the frontier violence by encouraging them to move to government stations. From October 1840 to December 1844, the 'official' headquarters for the Melbourne or Western Port District was Nerre Nerre Warren. At this location, school classes and religious services were held for Aboriginal people and rations provided in exchange for manual labour.

The Native Police Corps was stationed here from 1842 to the early 1850s. The Corps, consisting of Aboriginal men under the leadership of Captain Dana, were involved in dealing with disputes between Aboriginal and European people across Victoria.

The Native Police were also the first police stationed on the goldfields and they acted as guards at Pentridge Prison at Coburg.

Aboriginal people worked as trackers with the Victorian Police between 1879 and 1963. Until 1931, many of the trackers were based with the Victorian Police Horse Stud Depot at the Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Bob, always a lovely area to view this place and thank you for sharing the history of this area which explains it name. Great photos and yes, I wonder what thoughtful sole placed those chairs at the lookout?
    Thanks for sharing and best regards! Michael Stevenson