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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Campbells Croft - Vermont

These pix were taken on October 5, 2016.

They show the scenery, and environment at Campbell's Croft bushland reserve, Vermont, 30 km east of central Melbourne.

Together Campbells Croft and adjacent Abbey Walk are approximately 14 hectares of bushland and open space.

The Reserve was once a farm snd market garden, owned by the Campbell Family. It is now a protected area, managed by the City of Whitehorse, in conjunction with Melbourne Water and the Campbell's Croft Abbey Walk Advisory Committee and volunteers.

Dandenong Creek runs along the east with Boronia Road to the south.

The Eastlink Trail, for walkers and cyclists, runs through the reserve.

Abbey Walk, northern section of the Reserve, is approximately 4ha of native vegetation and gently rising grassed areas.

Campbells Croft falls into at least five distinctive areas being:

The Pines - about 2 ha of extensive plantation of Pinus radiata located on the high western slops.

The Meadow - large grassy open space located centrally within the Croft. Exotic trees including Elms, Poplars, Oaks, Silver Birch gives the park user a relaxing English feel to the Croft.

The Ridge - northern section of the Croft this area is thickly vegetated with a large variety of both native and exotic plantings, Eucalyptus, Pines, Cotoneaster, Pittosporum etc. This area gives a wilderness feel to the Croft.

Remnant Swamp Woodland - a very cherished area of the Croft, consisting of significant areas of high quality remnant vegetation. Much work by the committee volunteers and 'Practical Ecology' has been done within this area, weeding invasive exotic vegetation and replanting with indigenous species.

Wetlands - recently upgraded, this magnificent area is a natural overflow for the Dandenong Creek floodings. It is a large area of indigenous vegetation with thriving aquatic and fauna species.

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