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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hidden Lagoon - Warrandyte State Park

At the northern end of the Warrandyte State Park is a seldom visited, remote area, on the Yarra River, opposite the Bend of Islands Environmental Living Zone.

There is an interesting water body nearby, which I have named "The Hidden Lagoon", not easily seen from the rough access track!

The track is adjacent to a fence line, marking a section of the Park which has been set aside for revegetation by Parks Victoria and local community Landcare groups.

Access to the River and Lagoon is via a 5 km (return) route, starting at the Clifford Scout Activity Centre at Clifford Drive in Wonga Park, from the closed gate next to the Warrandyte State Park sign.

There is a change of altitude from 135m to 59m.

This is the former Market Garden Track, dating back to the time when this section of the Park was still privately owned farmland, part of the Yarra Brae property. The Track follows the ridge line, passing a high point, with good views across the surrounding farms and across to the Ranges.

The track continues steeply downhill, reaching the Hidden Lagoon side track. This is followed past a fenced "no access" revegetation area, with the Lagoon off to the left. This rough track continues downhill to the Yarra, and ends in bushland. Directly opposite the river is the Bend of Islands Living Zone, with a few houses visible.

The revegetation area is adjacent to the river, but appears to have been neglected, most of it overgrown with weeds, scrubby trees, prickly bushes and long grass. Eastern Grey Kangaroos are nearby.

It is not known why this area was selected for revegetation, as it is in one of the remotest sections of the Park. At this point, the Yarra runs in a narrow gorge, almost in a straight line, in a north-south direction.

My visit was on November 25, 2008, on a hot day. This section of the Park is always much hotter and drier than the surrounding areas, and the going is tough in hot weather.

Market Garden Track continues downhill to the Bend of Isles Peninsula, where there is a large flat cleared open area, which was originally the market garden and orchard, part of the Yarra Brae farm. It continues westerly as a circuit known as the Lucerne Paddock Track, with good views of the river.

Market Garden and Lucern Paddock Tracks are signed as the "Bridle Track", and are popular with horseriders.

See the full set of Photos of my expedition!

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