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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Diamond Creek Trail - Edenvale Farm

Edendale Homestead
Edendale Farm - a resident!
Near Edendale Farm
The Author on the Trail
These pix were taken on November 17 2012 and show the scenery, features, and environment on a 5 km (return) hike along the Diamond Creek Trail, Eltham, in Melbourne's outer east.

My visit started at the main entrance of the Edendale Community Environmnent Farm, following the Diamond Creek, passing the Eltham North Reserve, soccer fields, cricket ovals, barbecues, the wetlands, to the turnaround point at Allendale Rd

The Farm site was originally part of a 20 hectare property first purchased from the crown in 1852 by pioneer Henry Stooke. Stooke was a prominent citizen in the Eltham district. He was actively involved in the development of infrastructure and recreational services in the Eltham area.

The subsequent owner was Thomas Cool, manager of the Victorian Coffee Palace, which adjoined the Town Hall in Collins Street, Melbourne. Cool purchased the site in 1896, and built the homestead in the same year. This weatherboard homestead was unusual in the level of finishings and decoration compared with other farmhouses of the district.

History of property ownership (from 1922):

1922 - Thomas Cool sold the property to John William Cox

1933 - John William Cox sold the property to the Gaston Family

1968 - Elizabeth Gaston sold the property to Douglas Mummery

1970 - Douglas Mummery sold the property to the Shire of Eltham

The Shire of Eltham purchased the property in 1970 establishing an animal pound and small nursery. Council came to realise the potential of the site in the early 1980s when the decision was made to relocate the animal pound. During the late 1980s a number of changes were made to the site to establish the area as a Community Farm for local residents.

Since 2000, the direction of the site has been transformed into a Community Environmental Education Centre featuring an Indigenous Plant Nursery. The heritage homestead has been beautifully restored using funding from Heritage Victoria, the Federal Government and Council. The next stage of development includes the reconstruction of the heritage homestead gardens.

In 2011, following the construction of three new buildings and the restoration of the heritage homestead, Living and Learning Nillumbik began to run nationally recognized Children’s Services courses from Edendale. Other training courses are also run by Living and Learning Nillumbik in other Edendale buildings.

See a Slideshow of all of the Photos of my visit! 

Information about Edendale is at


1 comment:

  1. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Howdy Bob, some very nice photos here of this lovely place, the goat is nice and cute but I am not sure about that huge ant if he bit you! Some nice tracks here but that creek is aweful red looking! Thanks for sharing and best regards! Michael Stevenson