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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve

These photos of February 1 2017 were taken on an exploration of the section of the Reserve bordering Brady Rd, off Stud Rd, in Endeavour Hills.

This area of the 990 acre Reserve was the site of the 1964-1965 World Scout Jamboree, attended by 16,000 scouts over a nine-day period.  I attended the event as a visitor. After the Jamboree concluded, known locally as "Jamboree City", management of the Jamboree site was transferred to Parks Victoria, and the paved roads built for the event became a large network of shared walking/cycling tracks, with a picnic ground on Brady Rd. All of the Jamboree's infrastructure was removed and sold at auction in January 1965.

The main gate was on Brady Rd. This originally ended at the Dandenong Creek, but was extended for the Jamboree.

Power lines and poles built for the Jamboree still exist but most are no longer connected. The names of some roads remain on the power poles.

The area adjacent to Brady Rd is now used by various sporting groups, including cricket,  softball and soccer.

Locked gates prevent unauthorised vehicle access, as the roads are also used for fire management.

Note: The author is preparing an on-line detailed Historical Pictorial Research document about the Police Paddocks Reserve, to be published soon!

Brady Rd - the main gate was at this point

Remains of the road leadng to the Main Arena

Looking towards the Main Arena, now used for cricket.

Site of Main Arena

Old waste-water channel, next to BradyRd, built for the Jamboree, which ran through the camp in a latge pipe, and ended at the Dandenong Creek. This started in the Churchill National Park, and entered the Jamboree area via a tunnel under Bradfield Rd (now known as Churchill Park Drive)

Looking along Brady Rd to the softball complex

Site of Main Arena

Remains of original road to the Main Arena

 Site of Main Arena, now a soccer field

Site of the former car park, off Brady Rd

Site of the former car park, off Brady Rd

Site of the former car park, off Brady Rd

Remains of old gate near entrance to Main Arena

Site of the former car park, off Brady Rd

Site of the former car park, off Brady Rd

1 comment:

  1. Howdy Bob, very interesting place this and thank you for making up this photographic history with comments about how it was then and how it looks now, wonderful stuff! Best regards! Michael